Andrew Wagner, MSc

Andrew Wagner is director of engineering, software and IT at Nimble Therapeutics.   Andrew leads an experienced team of engineers and technicians that maintain and improve Nimble’s maskless array synthesizers.  Andrew and his team also collaborate with Nimble scientists to engineer novel assays and processes that address unique biotech challenges.

Andrew earned a MSEE in signal and image processing from the University of Southern California, and certificates in biotechnology management and project management from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He has more than 35 years of experience developing scientific and medical instrumentation in the fields of X-ray microanalysis, light microscopy, electroencephalography, bone densitometry, robotic medical diagnostics, and DNA/peptide synthesis.  Prior to joining Nimble, Andrew was lead software engineer for the maskless array synthesizer at Roche. Before that, he led the software development team for project IceCube’s enhanced hot water drill at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Outside of work, Andrew likes to be in nature and enjoys hiking, biking and paddling with his wife and daughters.  Andrew is also an avid reader of history, especially the American Civil War, but lives for a good game of sheepshead.


John Tan, PhD

John Tan is director of informatics and operations at Nimble Therapeutics. He manages and contributes to Nimble’s academic research collaborations, partner projects, data management, data analysis, and data-related software development efforts, as well as Nimble’s accounting practices and reporting systems.

John earned a PhD in biological sciences from the University of Notre Dame and a BS in computer science – information systems from the University of North Carolina – Asheville. Prior to joining Nimble, John was a Senior Scientist at Roche in their R&D and Innovation groups; at the University of Notre Dame, he was a research assistant professor in the Eck Institute for Global Health and managing director of the genomics core facility. John has contributed as co-author to manuscripts published in Nature, Science, PNAS, and The Lancet, among other scientific journals.

John enjoys traveling the world to visit family, hobby programming, keeping up with tech trends, and being entertained by his daughters’ silly jokes.


Lauren Goodrich, PhD

Lauren Goodrich is vice president of therapeutic discovery at Nimble Therapeutics. Lauren leads a diverse team of scientists working to utilize Nimble’s proprietary maskless array synthesis technology for the development of peptide-based therapeutics. She is responsible for the ongoing success of external collaborations, Nimble’s internal pipeline, and further development of the platform.

Lauren earned a PhD in chemistry from the University of Michigan and a BS in chemistry from the University of Minnesota-Morris. After completing her graduate work, Lauren joined Roche as a postdoctoral fellow, where she focused on optimizing the synthesis of biopolymers on the company’s microarray platform. Lauren continued with Roche as a scientist in the technology innovation group, holding increasing levels of responsibility, and ultimately leading an interdisciplinary team to further advance the peptide microarray platform and its applications. Notably, Lauren and her team developed the latest generation peptide synthesizer, bioinformatic tools, and assays that Nimble continues to build upon for the rapid discovery of specific, high-affinity peptide ligands to proteins. She is an active member in the peptide therapeutics community, presenting at meetings and participating on scientific advisory committees, including the Boulder Peptide Society scientific advisory board.

Lauren enjoys spending time outdoors, tending to her vegetable garden, biking, and chasing her daughters around Madison’s beautiful parks. She’s an avid baker and an aspiring yogi.


Brad Garcia, PhD

Brad Garcia is vice president of corporate development at Nimble Therapeutics. Brad brings more than 20 years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience to Nimble, where he currently leads corporate development, business operations, and finance.

Immediately before joining Nimble, he led the business development and commercialization activities for the peptide group at Roche, ultimately working to complete Nimble’s initial fundraising and spinout. Prior to Roche, Brad served in numerous scientific and business leadership roles at Agracetus (Monsanto Company), Pierce Biotechnology (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Gentel Biosciences (Intuitive Biosciences), and Primorigen Biosciences (Nucleus Biologics), and also provided business consulting services to his professional network. Brad received his undergraduate and graduate training from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has published in Nature Biotech, PNAS, Stem Cell Reports, among others.

Away from work, Brad enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends, following Wisconsin Badger athletics and the Green Bay Packers (of course!), and embarking on culinary adventures.

Pete Gough, DPhil

Pete Gough is Nimble’s Chief Scientific Officer where he leads the expansion of Nimble’s internal drug discovery capabilities, paving the way for development of our pipeline of proprietary therapeutics. Pete has 25+ years of experience in discovery research and a successful track record of driving varied research programs into clinical development.

Prior to joining Nimble, Pete served as CSO at Inzen Therapeutics, advancing the company from seed stage through Series B financing. Previously, Pete spent 15 years at GSK in roles of increasing responsibility. Most recently, he served as Head of the Hepatitis B Virus Discovery Performance Unit, leading GSK’s efforts to develop a functional cure for HBV, and earlier had led GSK’s discovery and development of a number of clinical assets across multiple therapeutic areas, including RIP1 kinase inhibitor GSK2982772 and STING agonist GSK3745417. Earlier in his career, Pete was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, and he received his D. Phil. and M. A. from the University of Oxford. Pete has authored/co-authored over 100 scientific articles and has been an invited speaker at numerous scientific conferences.

Away from work Pete enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and indulging in his passion for photography. He is an avid soccer fan and Everton supporter.


Jigar Patel, PhD

Jigar Patel is founder and CEO of Nimble Therapeutics.  With more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space, Jigar leads Nimble’s veteran team and champions the company’s game-changing technology for accelerating the discovery and development of peptide therapeutics.

Jigar started his drug development career at the Walter Reed Institute of Research supporting a Vaccine and Drug trial for Malaria in Western Kenya. Before founding Nimble, Jigar led an early discovery research team at Roche with collaborations globally with diagnostic and therapeutics divisions across many disease areas. Jigar is an author and inventor on numerous peer reviewed publications and patents in the areas of drug discovery, oncology, immunology and infectious disease. Jigar was trained at Dr. MGR Medical University and at the University of Notre Dame.